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Neolith & Dekton Fabricators

Neolith & Dekton Fabricators

Our professional granite contractor team is certified with Neolith, a new and durable building material that outpaces even traditional granite and marble. A lightweight and large-format surface, Neolith is made entirely from recyclable products and natural cohesions to create a gorgeous and sturdy product. With color options that give the appearance of stone, wood, and more, it’s easy to find a shade of Neolith that you love.

Dekton is an ultra compact surface that also includes the raw materials used to create quartz and porcelain. With a price point similar to porcelain installation, there are few reasons why you shouldn’t opt for these fabulous materials. As a naturally UV resistant and scratch resistant material, it is perfect for indoors and out and can even withstand high heats from sources such as hot pans.

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